Strategic Land

Meet the Team

The core strategic land team members are introduced below. Between them they represent over 45 years of experience working for Drew Smith Ltd and a broad range of disciplines.

Phil Farminer

Phil Farminer
Planning & Pre Contract Director


Phil is responsible for the appraisal of site suitability, seeking land which has potential for development. His strong knowledge of planning matters and well-established relationships ensure a high success rate and selection of the best opportunities. Phil leads the preparation and progression of each project once it has been secured, working in close cooperation with Chris to deliver viable schemes.

Phil Farminer

Chris Payne
Land Promotion Director


Chris leads the strategic land team, bringing a strong commercial and legal background to the department. Chris is responsible for all financial and legal negotiations as well as reporting of the main board of directors.

Phil Farminer

Lloyd Exley
Planning Manager


The most recent addition to the strategic land team, Lloyd has been with Drew Smith for nearly 8 years. Lloyd works alongside Phil to appraise potential sites and to deliver those schemes which have been secured.

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